Elevating digital products with intuitive UI design and insightful user research

Visual design thinker, product strategist, information architect & tech entrepreneur

Native english speaker based in Matsudo, Chiba with roots based in Boston


To design great things for people, We must regularly walk in their shoes

I help businesses grow their product market share through product discovery, strategy workshops, and effective program management, and I am the former founder of UX agency in Boston, which I sold in 2014.

My journey has spanned a variety of disciplines including software engineering, product management, and UI/UX. And while my recent career path has involved directing multiple product teams, I do not hesitate to do hands-on design & research when needed.


Product Discovery

  • Domain Research
  • User Research
  • Concepting

Product Delivery

  • UI & Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing


At PTC, I relied heavily on Joe and his exceptional team to spearhead innovative solutions for our product development and marketing endeavors. Our collaborative efforts resulted in substantial profits for the company and its shareholders.

Photo: Michael Bourque

Michael Bourque

VP of Engineering

...through Joe's masterful shepherding of the core team, we've developed a taxonomy of data-driven-displays, a proposal for a new information architecture, and broad agreement across the enterprise on both the value and applicability of the framework.

Photo: Leo Frishberg

Leo Frishberg

UX Director & author

Joe handled a diverse portfolio: conceiving of interfaces that accommodated both beginner and power users, sunsetting products without impacting the company's bottom line, managing complex high-profile client relationships...

Photo: Peter Swartz

Peter Swartz

Data Scientist
Panjiva | S&P Global

No matter what problem Joe is trying to solve, his primary focus always begins with people... From mentoring to public speaking, consulting to design, Joe stands out as leader in the Boston tech scene because of his deep empathy, curiosity and commitment.

Photo: Brian Del Guidice

Brian Del Guidice

Principal Designer
Above the Fold